About Emily Robinson

How I became A Sleep Sense Consultant

I’ve always been a big fan of a great night’s sleep! But like many parents, I took it for granted until my first son was born.  In preparation for my child’s birth I told myself that I would probably have very little sleep during the first few months after my child was born, but before long he would sleeping peacefully through the night.  Well, imagine my disappointment when, by fourteen months, he was still waking up at night!  Needless to say, I was completely exhausted!  When my severe sleep deprivation began to invade every area of my life, I knew I had to take action.  That was when I discovered the Sleep Sense Program, developed by renowned sleep expert Dana Obleman.  After purchasing the program and working directly with Dana, I was amazed as my son began to sleep through the night after only two nights on the program!  I realized that my problem had begun because I had inadvertently taught him to wake up during the night.

So when my second son was born, I made sure I followed the Sleep Sense plan from the beginning, and I can honestly say, I have not had a single difficult night with him!  In fact, his first words were, “Want go in crib.” AMAZING!

So, when I received the opportunity to train directly with Dana Obleman as a Certified Sleep Sense Consultant, I was thrilled to be able to help other parents in the Philadelphia area resolve their child’s sleep issues using the same program that worked so well for me.  It’s truly the best job in the world.