New Jersey Baby Sleep Consultant

If you’re reading this, it could be because you’ve already been up in the middle of the night several times this week tending to your little one who can’t fall asleep or stay asleep. And as a parent, you realize whether or not it’s naptime during the day or a full night’s sleep, your baby’s sleep issues could become worse if not addressed.

No More Restless Nights with Help From a Baby Sleep Consultant

A New Jersey baby sleep consultant could very well be the answer for you. Rather than sifting through countless sleep books or thousands of webpages saying that their solution is the best one for your baby’s sleep issues, the best solution for you is to get a personalized, customized solution for your baby (and your family).

The professionals at Sound-A-Sleep Consulting have dealt with countless issues and difficult cases. Owner Emily Robinson is a certified New Jersey baby sleep consultant who brings not only her professional acumen to the table, but also that of a mother who knows firsthand the trials of parents in getting their children to sleep soundly throughout the night.

Sound-A-Sleep Consulting is a New Jersey baby sleep consultant firm specializing in the Sleep Sense Program for children ages 0-6 years that has yielded tremendous results throughout the country. Based on the premise that healthy sleep leads to a healthy baby, and with due regard for the fact that parents need sleep too, Sound-A-Sleep Consulting will work with your family to create the best possible sleep environment through developing routines and habits that promote your baby’s sleep.

Contact a live New Jersey baby sleep consultant at, or by calling 215-917-4471. Sound-A-Sleep Consulting will work with you to get your baby on the right track for good sleep habits throughout their childhood.