New Jersey Child Sleep Consultant

How many of us remember being afraid of the dark or having that bad dream as a child where you wake up crying wishing Mom or Dad would come running? Children have all kinds of reasons why they wake up in the middle of the night, but rest assured and pardon the pun, a New Jersey child sleep consultant can help address the issues associated with your child’s sleep or lack thereof.

Child Sleep Consultant Finds the Answers to Your Child’s Sleep Problems

Because every child is different as is every family, the experts at Sound-A-Sleep Consulting will develop a personalized solution to your child’s sleep issues that will focus not only on the child, but also your particular parenting style. As a New Jersey child sleep consultant, Sound-A-Sleep will create an opportunity for your entire family to not be woken up by a child with sleep issues.

At Sound-A-Sleep Consulting, a certified Sleep Sense New Jersey child sleep consultant will help identify the issues your little one has in falling asleep and/or staying asleep.

Sound-A-Sleep Consulting has multiple service options and solutions available to parents with children ages 0-6 years: this New Jersey child sleep consultant offers plans to resolve your child’s sleep issues quickly and in an easy step-by-step fashion the builds a routine for your child. From individualized phone and email support through to an overnight sleep consultation at your home for your child, Sound-A-Sleep Consulting offers an array of solutions for you as a New Jersey child sleep consultant.

Sound-A-Sleep Consulting Owner and certified New Jersey Child Sleep Consultant Emily Robinson has a considerable breadth of experience in newborn, infant, toddler, and child sleep consulting, and is available for a free 15-minute evaluation of your child’s sleep issues. From there, she will design a plan for resolving your child’s sleep problems. Contact her today at 215-917-4471 or visit