NJ Baby Sleep Consultant

Wish your baby slept like a baby?  Wish you could sleep like a baby?  A NJ baby sleep consultant is your answer to getting your little one to go to sleep and stay asleep, giving you and your spouse some time to yourselves as well as a restful night’s sleep.

A Baby Sleep Consultant Can Get You Both a Good Night’s Sleep

Sound-A-Sleep Consulting is a NJ baby sleep consultant firm specializing in the Sleep Sense Program that has yielded tremendous results throughout the country.  Based on the premise that healthy sleep leads to a healthy baby, and with due regard for the fact that parents need sleep too, Sound-A-Sleep Consulting will work with your family to create the best possible sleep environment through developing routines and habits that promote your baby’s sleep.

Depending on your child’s particular situation, a NJ baby sleep consultant may recommend changing or modifying your child’s routine to more effectively develop a schedule for them to follow.  Equally, Sound-A-Sleep will look not only at your baby’s sleep issues, but will also consider your particular parenting style and environment to formulate a well-rounded solution for your family.

Sound-A-Sleep Owner and certified NJ baby sleep consultant Emily Robinson has trained under renowned sleep consultant Dana Obleman, and has seen firsthand the success her sleep program brings to a family with a new arrival.  Emily has developed a variety of packages and programs at Sound-A-Sleep to cater to the needs of different sleep issues and family/parenting types.

To learn more about how you can benefit from a NJ baby sleep consultant, contact Sound-A-Sleep today at 215-917-4471.  You can also visit www.soundasleepconsulting.com.