NJ Newborn Sleep Consultant

When you become a parent, your immediate instinct is to calm and nurture your newborn or baby.  However, sometimes this nurturing can hinder your newborn from developing a good sleep schedule because they realize that if they cry, Mom or Dad will come running and everything will be better.

A Newborn Sleep Consultant Will Find a Solution to Waking Up in the Middle of the Night

Now, there are a number of reasons why a newborn will not sleep through their nap or the night.  Sound-A-Sleep Consulting Owner Emily Robinson has years of experience as a NJ newborn sleep consultant, and has a variety of options available for parents depending on their particular needs.

Sound-A-Sleep offers a variety of customized solutions for your newborn sleep issues: from individualized phone and email support through to an overnight sleep consultation at your home for your child, Sound-A-Sleep Consulting has a solution for your newborn’s sleep issues that will meet the needs of your family as well.  Sound-A-Sleep realizes that not every solution is appropriate for every family or situation.

Sound-A-Sleep Consulting builds its solutions from the Sleep Sense Program from renowned consultant Dana Obleman.  Owner Emily Robinson is certified in the Sleep Sense Program and has spent years working as a NJ newborn sleep consultant.  She realizes that it is a variety of factors that go into why a newborn is not sleeping, and is ready to offer her expertise to parents looking to once again get a good night’s sleep themselves.

For a free 15-minute evaluation, please call Sound-A-Sleep at 215-917-4471.  You can also visit www.soundasleepconsulting.com for more information.  You don’t just have to deal with your newborn being up 3-4 times throughout the night: find an expert NJ newborn sleep consultant at Sound-A-Sleep Consulting.