Philadelphia Baby Sleep Consultant

Are you tired of your newborn or infant keeping you or your spouse up at night?  Tired of warming baby bottles at 3:00 am?  Or rocking your baby back to sleep when you should be getting sleep yourself?  It may be time to work with a Philadelphia baby sleep consultant to help you, your baby, and your family get restful sleep throughout the night or naptime.

Find Quiet Nights and Relaxing Naptimes with Help From a Baby Sleep Consultant

A Philadelphia baby sleep consultant can provide you with much-needed tools and solutions to first and foremost, get your baby to fall asleep; and then secondly, to make them stay asleep so that you yourself can rest and/or deal with other things throughout your day during their naptime.

When considering how to get expert-level advice for your baby or child’s sleep issues, turn to the experts at Sound-A-Sleep Consulting.  Owner Emily Robinson has undertaken the curriculum of renowned sleep consultant Dana Obleman, and has seen firsthand the success her sleep program brings to a family with a new arrival who may not be so inclined toward sleeping the night through, or even taking a full nap during the day.

Through the Sleep Sense Program as a Philadelphia baby sleep consultant, Emily has worked with countless Philadelphia parents to help train their newborns, infants, and young children to sleep through the night.

If you and your spouse are tired of sleepless nights, please take the time to consider the alternative: contact Philadelphia baby sleep consultant Emily Robinson at, or call 215-917-4471 to setup a free 15-minute evaluation and discuss the solutions that Emily can bring to your child’s sleep (or sleepless) habits.  A multitude of solutions and service packages await: from private consultations to overnight evaluations, from newborn packages to refresher options, Sound-A-Sleep Consulting will be your key to restful nights and a great sleep schedule for your baby.