Philadelphia Infant Sleep Consultant

As a parent, you’re probably familiar with sleepless nights staying up and caring for your restless newborn, infant, or toddler.  A Philadelphia infant sleep consultant will help you get the sleep you need and deserve by addressing the problems your baby or child is having in falling asleep and/or staying asleep.

No More Sleepless Nights with Help From an Infant Sleep Consultant

There are countless methods available and an entire body of research online about how to get your baby or young one to fall asleep.  The problem is, what information and which solution do you trust?  This is where a Philadelphia infant sleep consultant can provide some exceptional insight and the best solution to your little one’s sleep issues.

At Sound-A-Sleep Consulting, owner and Philadelphia infant sleep consultant Emily Robinson is a Sleep Sense Program certified consultant who’s seen firsthand with her own children the benefits that a sleep program can bring: no more up in the middle of the night, the child sleeps through the entire naptime during the day, and parents actually get restful sleep at night because their child isn’t keeping them up.

Rather than searching through countless programs and information online, a parent’s best resource is to contact a live Philadelphia infant sleep consultant at, or by calling 215-917-4471.  The personalized approach that Sound-A-Sleep Consulting brings to your particular situation will no doubt create a better family environment, and get your child as well as you and your spouse a restful night’s sleep.

To start off your Philadelphia infant sleep consultant experience, you will have a free 15-minute evaluation of your baby or child’s current condition and potential sleep issues, as well as setup a consultation plan with Emily to move forward. Call today to learn more, and begin your journey toward once again sleeping through the night!