Philadelphia Newborn Sleep Consultant

As a parent, when your baby cries, your immediate instinct is to calm them down and nurture.  This can be particularly difficult, however, when you’ve already been woken up three times in the middle of the night and now your patience, as well as your rest for the night, is shot.

A Newborn Sleep Consultant Will Provide a Much-Needed Solution to Your Baby’s Sleep Problems

A Philadelphia newborn sleep consultant just may be the solution to this issue.  In evaluating the routine you’ve set in place and implementing various aspects of the Sleep Sense Program, the professionals at Sound-A-Sleep Consulting will have a customized solution to your newborn’s sleep problems.

Whether it be not wanting to go down for a nap, waking up too early from that nap, not wanting to go to bed, or waking up multiple times throughout the night, a Philadelphia newborn sleep consultant will be able to address the underlying issues and present a plan to move forward so that your newborn develops a better sleep routine.

There are a number of reasons why a newborn will not sleep through their nap or the night.  Sound-A-Sleep Consulting Owner Emily Robinson has years of experience as a Philadelphia newborn sleep consultant, and has a variety of options available for parents depending on their particular needs.

For more information, visit, or call 215-917-4471 to setup a free 15-minute evaluation and discuss the solutions that Emily can bring to your child’s sleep (or sleepless) habits.  Stemming from her own experiences with her children as well as certification as a Sleep Sense Program consultant, a multitude of solutions and service packages await: from private consultations to overnight evaluations, from newborn packages to refresher options, Sound-A-Sleep Consulting will be your key to restful nights and a great sleep schedule for your newborn.